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Securing Your Funds with Gold and Silver IRA
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Securing Your Funds with Gold and Silver IRA

Securing Your Funds with Gold and Silver IRA – Because of how volatile and unreliable the stock market is, a lot of investors seek out better and more secure ways to invest. For this reason, precious metals have become an alternative investment option for investors to consider.

While precious metals like silver, gold and palladium experience their own form of volatility, it is mostly believed that they are a more superior investment choice for growing and retaining value. This makes it a secure investment towards your future. However, you cannot use a regular individual retirement account (IRA) to hold physical precious metals.

The question now is how do you secure your investments if a regular IRA cannot hold precious metals?

There are various organizations available to help potential investors open a special account specifically designed for precious metals. With these companies, you can easily invest towards your retirement using valuable metals like palladium, gold and silver. If you are not sure of how to select a reliable company for your investment, you can visit Lear Capital, a legit company for guidance.

Gold and Silver IRA: What is it?

A Gold or silver IRA is a special variation of self-directed IRA. It allows an individual or investor to invest in a wide variety of assets which includes real estate, cryptocurrency and precious metals. This is better than the usual options that you can get from the conventional IRA.

When it comes to making investments, keeping your eggs in one basket is a risky thing to do especially as the economy keeps fluctuating. As much as you can make a big profit you can also make a big loss as well as a large chunk of your portfolio.

Having a precious metal retirement account can give you control over tangible assets. When you create a self-directed IRA, you get to enjoy the tax benefits that come with traditional IRAs. You also get to control the future of your finances by using hard assets to secure your savings. You can check here to learn more about the benefits of having a self-directed IRA.

What Precious Metals Can you Invest in for a Gold and Silver IRA?

Having a Gold and Silver Individual Retirement Account means that, you can invest in precious metals such as platinum, palladium, gold, and silver. With that in mind, you have to note that there are specifications you have to meet in order to successfully invest. These specifications are made by the IRS and they include:

  1. Gold must have a purity level of 99.5%
  2. Silver must have a purity level of 99.9%
  3. Palladium must have a purity level of 99.5%
  4. Palladium must have a purity level of 5%

Examples of some of the products that meet these specifications include: the Australian Koala bullion coin, the Canadian Maple leaf coin and the PAMP Suisse bar. Despite the fact that they do not meet the 99.5% purity level, the American Eagle coins is allowed by the IRS. Additionally, you are not allowed to hold rare/collectible coins, British Sovereigns, Swiss Franc, as well as German Marks in a self-directed IRA.

Special Considerations to take Note of

Since you are now aware that precious metals IRAs involve storing physical metals of value, there are few things you have to put into consideration before going ahead with your investments. The most important consideration is to note that compared to other options, precious metal IRAs are more expensive. This is because there are a lot of fees involved and they cannot be avoided.

Some of those fees include custodial fees, set up fees and many others. It is also important to note that according to the IRS you cannot have the precious metals you invested in kept in your home. If you infringe on this rule, you put yourself at risk of incurring penalties and taxes.

You can check here to learn more about what to take note of before investing in a precious metal IRA.


The major reason why you need to open an Individual Retirement account (IRA)is to be able to utilize the incentives associated with tax to make sure that you have financial freedom when you get to your golden years. Investing in only paper assets is risky and can defeat this purpose.

At the time of the great recession, a lot of Americans had no choice but to keep working way past the time of their retirement because their portfolio’s value went down the drain as the market did. There have also been predictions about the next economic crash or correction being around the corner.

However, having a Gold and Silver IRA gives you the opportunity to be exempt from its effect. You get to enjoy tax benefits of having a traditional individual retirement account while experiencing financial security from the market volatility.

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