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4 Industries Actively Hiring Node.Js Developers and 4 Tech Giants Using Node.Js for Their Products
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4 Industries Actively Hiring Node.Js Developers and 4 Tech Giants Using Node.Js for Their Products

Industries Actively Hiring Node.Js Developers – Node.Js is a programming platform that runs on JavaScript. The platform is easy to use and very fast and efficient. The node platform has gradually become very popular with a good number of developers and a big market for its demand. The programming platform is extremely versatile, making it a good fit for many companies and individuals looking to develop an app. The node js platform primarily uses a non-blocking system that facilitates Concurrent connections all at once that spreads across distributed mobile devices. It is a platform that meets particular needs in program development. The high demand for this platform is equally matched with the high number of developers. It could be quite tricky trying to find the best developer to get your job done. Online hiring companies like Procoders.Tech are available to take the brunt of having to pick the right developer off your hands. You do not need to break your bank to get the best possible service. They help you hire Node js developers that are effective, fast, reliable, and professional. These developers are not just good with the programming language but are also knowledgeable about other complementary programming languages and libraries that are necessary for good program development.

The Node Js platform is versatile and works well for different types of apps development. Node Js is well known for its ability to process multiple data coming from various servers at the same time.

Although the node js platform has a lot of advantages ranging from ease of programming to its ability to support thousands of concurrent threads all at once, it still has some pitfalls. Sharing a single thread for concurrent client requests could be an issue. Heavy programming from one thread could lead to blocking other requests.

Here are 4 industries actively hiring Node.js developers

1. Logistics

The logistics industry has grown significantly over the past few years. The demand for logistic services is on the rise and logistic companies are equally on the increase. Node Js is used in creating personalized customer-friendly apps for logistic companies.

2. Entertainment

The node js platform is effective in creating social and gaming applications. It has been used by quite a number of entertainment companies for their applications. Many chat apps that are built on IM or IRC technologies are built using node js. Node js makes it possible to have notifications used in instant messaging.

3. Health and fitness

The node framework is suitable for creating health and fitness apps. It has been used to create quite a number of entertainment applications for the digital space.

4. Marketing

This platform has been used to boost digital consumer services. Apps created on this platform will be able to make digital marketing services easier, create a data processing system for consumers, link consumers and suppliers of goods and services. Examples of apps developed using node js include Siemens.

A construction company sky catch needed a program for its drones. The program turns the photos from construction sites into 3D models. The node platform has been used for managing commercial products. Siemens smart grid used node js to design an application layer.

Top apps built by node js developers


PayPal is a well-known and vastly used application for online payment. PayPal allows transactions in about 100 different currencies. PayPal transactions are fast and reliable. PayPal brags of about 350,000,000 active users. Node js was used to create a platform for PayPal where they get to communicate better with their users, helping them serve their customers better.


LinkedIn is a social media app that is business-oriented. Users are able to create connections with others through the app. Node js was used in empowering its server.


Yahoo is a technology company that offers web search services. They have about 4.57 billion users worldwide. Node js powers most yahoo sites. The management at Yahoo says they choose node js because ” you can make it scale, and it’s very performant, and every property that we’ve moved over to the node js stack has been an increase in performance.”


Netflix is a leading video streaming app. Netflix has over 192 million subscribers across the globe. Netflix used node js to build its user interface. Netflix believes it will still need node js in the future for its other layers of the stack because they find the interface very effective.

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