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10 Mistakes to Avoid on the Internet

10 Mistakes to Avoid on the Internet

Mistakes to Avoid on the Internet – The Internet is a platform that offers us a wide range of possibilities. We have many kinds of tools, pages, services, and options for our day today. However, if we do not take the appropriate measures if we make mistakes, our security may be diminished. In this article(blog), we are going to advise to avoid common mistakes on the Internet that put our security at risk. We are going to mention 10 of the most important for this 2020 that is going to start.

10 Security Mistakes that we Should Avoid on the Internet

#1. Clicking on Suspicious links

One of the most common mistakes to avoid, when browsing the Internet is clicking on links that may be suspicious. It is through a simple link one of the most used ways by hackers to deploy their threats.

We must, for all time, bear in mind the importance of knowing the page we are on. Should not click on links that may be a threat. We must analyze the site we are on, as well as the URL that redirects us.

#2. Reuse Passwords

This is a significant flaw. Many users reuse passwords on multiple accounts. It is a mistake that can put our security at risk. Ideally, we use a unique password for each record we have.

For a key to be strong, it must have letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and other special symbols. It must be completely random and does not contain words or figures that can relate to us.

#3. Not Properly Securing the Router

We must adequately secure the router. This means using correct encryption (avoid outdated ones like WEP), as well as creating strong and complex passwords. Also, keep in mind that it is necessary to change the factory settings to avoid taking risks.

#4. Download from Unofficial Sources

A common mistake is to download from unofficial sources. Downloading software from the Internet can pose a significant risk to our security. We could compromise the reliability of our devices if we install software from unofficial sites that have been maliciously modified.

It is undoubtedly one of the most general mistakes when browsing the Internet on any type of platform. We must always install legitimate software.

#5. Surf the Net Without Security Tools

When we browse the Internet, and no matter what type of device or operating system we are using, it is essential to have a good antivirus and security tools that protect us. It is a crucial mistake to navigate without being adequately protected, as we could be victims of many varieties of attacks.

#6. Not Updating the Software Correctly

Something similar happens with updates. We must always have the latest versions installed on our computers. This is something that must apply both to the operating system itself and to the different applications that we use.

Sometimes vulnerabilities happen that are exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. It is the manufacturers and developers themselves who release security patches and updates. We always need to have them installed.

#7. Trust Any Wi-Fi Network

Another key flaw for our internet security is trusting any Wi-Fi network. We must take into account the risk of accessing public and open wireless networks. They may have been maliciously modified to steal our data and put our security at risk.

#8. Do Not Create Backups Frequently

It is advisable to create backups frequently. A significant flaw in surfing the web and using connected devices is not creating backups. There are threats like ransomware that can seriously compromise our files. Creating copies regularly is essential.

#9. Believe That There are No Insecure Devices

Any device connected to the network can pose a threat to our security. We mainly refer to the devices of what is known as the Internet of Things. Many small gadgets may seem harmless but could jeopardize our entire network. The importance of protecting all types of devices must always be taken into account.

#10. Do Not Protect Privacy

Lastly, a major mistake is not properly protecting privacy. Many users believe that merely having security tools and protection systems is already done. However, an essential factor is privacy, and we must always take care of it. Our data, our personal information, have great value online.

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