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When the Medium is the Message, Your Slideshow Needs to Exceed Expectations

When the Medium is the Message, Your Slideshow Needs to Exceed Expectations

When the Medium is the Message, Your Slideshow Needs to Exceed Expectations – We live in an image-saturated age, and whether you’re pitching an idea or presenting a report, it isn’t enough to simply have good ideas or a compelling narrative. Today, effective communication will almost always involve a thoughtful and meaningful use of visual elements.

This means that if you want your message to reach others, you need to think carefully about what storytelling vehicle you are using to make an impact on your audience.

Though it’s never been easier to incorporate technological gimmicks into a presentation, using more images and video isn’t always enough — the visual elements need to be incorporated seamlessly into a complete experience that audience members will remember long after it’s over.

The Medium is the Message

In the mid-20th century, the philosopher and media critic Marshall McLuhan realized that how a piece of information was received altered the way audiences perceived it. An advertisement broadcast on television would strike people differently than if it were put on a billboard, even if the information was the same.

Over the years, this insight has had a profound impact on corporate communications. Executives like Steve Jobs were successful in no small part because they adapted their messaging perfectly to the media they were using — whether that be television ads or conference presentations.

Jobs created excitement for his products by transforming dull corporate announcements into dynamic events that people wanted to be part of.

These days, the most successful entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders have learned that a good presentation is as much about the forum you hold it in, the clothing you wear, and the design of the slideshow as it is about the substance of what you’re saying.

The Medium is the Message

Transforming the Slideshow

Most people understand at this point that long presentations won’t hold people’s interest without a dynamic element. But not everyone has the kind of intuitive gift for presentation design as Steve Jobs.

The good news is that if you really want to impress with your next presentation you can outsource the design to people who know how to turn a simple slideshow into a storytelling tool.

From storyboarding and copywriting to helping you create eye-catching graphics, audio, and video integration, professional designers have the skills and experience that can transform an ordinary slideshow into a narrative journey that will make a real impact.

In addition to helping you create a memorable presentation, utilizing the professional expertise that is available to help you will also prove that you understand the importance of effective communications in the business context.

Remember, in a world where the medium is the message, your presentations need to be outstanding if you would like to make a good impression. This means you can’t leave things up to chance: get the professional help you need to tell your story the way it was supposed to be told, and leave your audience stimulated by your ideas — and wanting to hear more from you.

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