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How Can I Make It Difficult For Hackers To Use My Data?
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How Can I Make It Difficult For Hackers To Use My Data?

One of the biggest problems in the extraordinary and complex world of the Internet is the lack of security and prevention awareness on the net. The simple fact of connecting our computer to the Web implies starting a battle that we do not even know we are involved in. Viruses that haunt the Web try to attack us. While our defense programs repel them.

And, it is that hackers and their more than 17 million viruses registered in 2016 are waiting to be activated by not very cautious users. Many of them are not directed at us directly. all they do is wait for the opportunity to bypass our defenses and steal everything they can or simply destroy our devices. Emails, web pages, messages through messaging services, web advertising. Are just some of the channels through which hackers try to access our terminals.

Let me introduce you to Google dorking commands. This is a “hacker” technique, sometimes simply called “dork”, that uses Google’s Advanced Search to find security holes in website code and settings. We can use few of these techniques to filter the information, obtain better search results, but in this case, we would focus on the information that is not normally accessible. Like for example, showing the feeds of the cameras and the documents.

Preparing the defenses

The way in which today’s cybercriminals(hackers) try to attack us has evolved as security and protection measures have increased. with this also the preparation of users and the ever-increasing information they have.

Almost all of us who use a device every day to connect to the Internet. Know that the use of antivirus is a must. The rest of the security we simply leave in the hands of the operating system or browser and pray that it does not touch us.

A measure, as would be expect, completely insufficient against the complexity of current viruses or malware.

So a good defense system would be as follows:


It is the first wall against worms, Trojans, and other viruses that inhabit the Internet. They usually offer continuous protection and perform scans on the files that we download to our computer. In addition, they update daily.But there are free versions, with limited features. And paid versions that offer much more protection.


A firewall or firewall system is software that allows us to control incoming and outgoing connections from our device. In addition, it warns us that a program or application is trying to connect to our computer. On the other hand, it is recommended not to accept unsafe or unknown connections and manually enable those programs that we want to connect to the network.


It is a computer program focus on defense against viruses. such as spyware, adware or keyloggers. A good antispyware is important. Since spy viruses are camouflag in executables and other software verified by antivirus. so they are not recognize as malware.

Browser filters

This supposes a series of tools and functionalities within the browsers that make Internet browsing safer. They can block unwanted pop-up content or even reject the connection to certain pages. That have not passed, the security controls of the search engines ( Google or Bing ). It also warns us of the elements and extensions that execute when entering a web page. And that may hide malicious code. And One of the most useful filters is the one dedicated to deleting. Or re-directing the junk mail or spam that reaches us.

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