get Paid for Hacking a computer – No, this is not a joke. If you thought you can only be paid to protect computers, you are wrong. Well, let’s just say, you are slightly wrong. Hacking a computer system can also pay your bills and that too, pay them well. Don’t be surprised, nobody is asking you to become Mr Robot and start breaking into systems. Instead, you can become an ethical hacker and get paid for hacking organisations! How cool is that?

Who are ethical hackers?

Ethical hackers are professionals who are trained to think like criminal hackers and are hired by companies to legally break into their systems and report back with all the vulnerabilities. Sounds exciting? Well, that’s because it is! Ethical hackers are also well-known as white hat hackers, and they try to protect our digital world by performing offensive security.

Here’s what you should know about ethical hackers:

1. They are in huge demand:

Cybersecurity professionals, in general, are in massive demand all over the world. The global cybersecurity market is expected to grow from roughly 152 billion USD in 2018 to roughly 248 billion USD in 2023. To deal with the rising number of cyber incidents, the world needs a large supply of ethical hackers.

2. They earn quite well:

Cybersecurity professionals are one of the highest-paid professionals in the IT industry. From Fortune 500 companies to public departments, every organisation is at constant risk of cyber attacks that can cost the company a fortune in reputation and money. Due to the large demand and low supply, companies are ready to pay well to fill their empty cyber security departments with competent white hat hackers. The salary of a CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) professional, can go up to $106,375, making them one of the highest-paid cybersecurity professionals.

3. They work in many sectors:

Ethical hackers are required in almost every other industry. We are alive in the Information era and every industry that relies on digital systems for its operations needs ethical hackers to protect their cyber space. From space agencies to military departments, from finance to healthcare, and from e-commerce to education, an ethical hacker can find a job anywhere he or she likes. Some of the other industries where you can get a job as a hacker are information security, networking, hospitality, airlines, retail, manufacturing, telecom, energy, and Information Technology.

How can you become an ethical hacker?

To become a white hat hacker, you will need to obtain a suitable certification from a certification authority. Certified Ethical Hacking and Certified Information Systems Security Professional are two of the well known ethical hacking programs all over the world, the former being the most popular ethical hacking course of all time. After you obtain your certification by passing the respective exam, you can start working in the industry or opt to go for further certification programs.

Is ethical hacking legal?

Yes, it is entirely legal. It seems like hacking a computer will land you in trouble, but that happens only when you do it without permission. Ethical hacking is a legitimate practice where you can enter into an agreement with a company for hacking their system with the aim of identifying security bugs and help them fix the same.

What is the process followed by an ethical hacker?

Ethical hacking contains a systematic process: reconnaissance or information gathering, foot printing or scanning, gaining access or exploitation, maintaining access, clearing tracks and preparing a report.

So, what do you think about this profession? Isn’t it great to spend your day breaking into systems and make them safer in the process? Not to mention being paid handsomely for your services!