The technological developments offer Forex traders better opportunities and options to approach trading methods. One of these methods of approach is using Expert Advisors (EAs). It allows traders to monitor and execute trades automatically through robots. These robots search for buy and sell opportunities according to the established strategy.

Speaking of EAs, Forex Fury has always been the most preferred EA of many Forex traders. It does help not only seasoned traders but also novice traders. This trading bot may not guarantee an overnight success or make anyone millionaire instantly; it helps make the process of placing trades, market research and forecasting a lot easier.

The proven strategies, impressive features, and satisfying results make Forex Fury the number one EA for several years. In this post, you will better understand what Forex Fury is all about and why many traders prefer it over other trading bots.

Forex Fury: An Overview 

Forex Fury claims to be the best EA in the market today. After all, it is famous for its fantastic features, thousands of users, credibility, and impeccable results. This trading bot has gained momentum for many years due to its trader-friendly features, such as a News filter, various timeframe settings, automatic GM, and many more.

The developers continuously upgrade the trading bot so that Forex traders will have the best user experience. It is compatible with various trading platforms, such as MT4, MT5, NFA, FIFO, and more. It offers tested and proven settings and works well in low-risk trading environments with a 20 percent drawdown, which benefits traders with less Forex market experience and knowledge.

What Makes Forex Fury Special?

We have been trading for two years now, and Forex Fury has been with us from the start. Although we have also tried other trading bots, we still find Forex Fury the best EA. As we compare it to other EAs on the market, here are some qualities that make it special:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Handles ten trades daily
  • Offers filters to avoid unfavorable market conditions
  • Compatibility with MT4 and MT5 trading platforms
  • Suitable for multiple pairs
  • Has a money management feature that helps achieve sustainable growth
  • Tested and proven settings
  • Low-risk trading strategies

Why We Choose Forex Fury Over Other Trading Bots Out There 

Here are some of the reasons why we and other traders choose Forex Fury over other EAs on the market:

Verified Results

Every Forex trader would agree that everything in the market is unpredictable. So, it’s no surprise that traders want that their trading bot provides verified trading results.

The good news is that Forex Fury offered us verified results. We can quickly access our MyFXBooks accounts on the Forex Fury’s official website. Every user can check their accounts in detail. This ability helps us see our accounts’ performance, whether on demo or live.

This Forex EA utilizes an advanced scalping technique running on various currency pairs and M15 timeframe. Even if it is originally designed for a single pair, which is GBPUSD, it has managed to work with other currency pairs.

Forex Fury had more than 60 automatic updates, making it capable of working with multiple pairs, such as XAUUSD, AUDJPY, EURUSD, USDCHF, and many more.

Customizable Settings 

One of the things that we appreciate about Forex Fury is that we can customize the settings. We like to experiment with our trading knowledge and creativity, so we enjoy doing some customizable to find the ones that best suit our trading needs.

We do not change the preset options in some cases, but we also try tweaking them to achieve our expected results.

Easy to Navigate Official Website 

We find Forex Fury’s official website user-friendly. The site is an excellent resource for interested users who want to get more familiar with the EA’s features, previous trading results, strategies, and more. It comes with different sections. For example, there is a section that highlights the advantages of using this trading bot.

As we view the real trading accounts available on the front page, we can review the trading results. Since demo and live accounts are available, interested users can have peace of mind knowing the effectiveness and unparalleled power the trading robot offers.

On the homepage, the packages are also listed. Currently, this software offers two packages: Gold and Diamond.

The Gold Package comes with one account license alongside unlimited demo accounts at $229.99. It also includes lifetime membership, free updates, and high-performance settings.

As for the Diamond package, it comes with two account licenses with unlimited demo accounts at $439.99. All the features available in this package are similar to the Gold one.

Testimonials and reviews are also available on the homepage. They assure that Forex Fury has been tried and tested by many Forex traders, and they got satisfying results. If the reviews listed on the website are not enough, interested users can also search for ratings and reviews on independent sites like MyFXBooks.

We also appreciate that the website has a dedicated section for FAQs. That way, potential, and current users can easily find answers to their queries. Last but not the least, this trading bot has a responsive and professional customer support team. If there are some queries not listed in the FAQ section, they can contact the customer support representatives at any time.

Final Thoughts…

With so many Forex trading bots on the market, it is easy to get confused about which one to use. However, if you wish to have the best EA with all the essential features, you cannot go wrong with Forex Fury.