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What is a MiFi – Definition, Advantages, and More

What is a MiFi – Definition, Advantages, and More

When connecting to the Internet, we can use many devices, both wireless and wired networks, and, ultimately, we have a lot of terminologies. Now, we are going to talk regarding what MiFi means and what we can use it for. A review of this type of device and its operation in our day to day to connect to the network and have an Internet connection.

Definition MiFi

As we know, we can connect to the Internet through a variety of devices. If we look back, just a few years ago, it was normal to communicate from a wired computer to the router. However, little by little, wireless devices, a greater capacity of Wi-Fi networks, and, ultimately, more possibilities to navigate from anywhere were appearing.

Precisely that, surfing from anywhere is what has changed the Internet in recent years. Now we can take the mobile, a Tablet, or any compatible device and easily navigate from anywhere. Of course, for this, we will have to have an Internet connection. We will, therefore, need another device to provide it.

That’s where a MiFi device comes into play. Generally, it is a wireless router that allows us to connect from anywhere. It has an internal battery, so we will not need to connect it to the electrical network. We simply have to carry it loaded and use it as a router anywhere.

For it to work, there needs to be coverage, of course. It is necessary to introduce a SIM card with a mobile network and thus give a connection to the other devices. We can be in a car, bus or train and navigate from our laptop, mobile, or tablet without problems. The MiFi device acts as if it were a home router and will allow us to connect to the network.

Advantages of using a MiFi device

Among the advantages of using a MiFi device, we can highlight mobility. As we have mentioned, we can connect from anywhere. It is enough to carry the charged device, have a compatible SIM card, and have a mobile network in that place. In this way, we can connect from any other device easily.

One of the positive points is its size. It is usually quite compact in size, as an external battery to charge mobile phones that have become so popular. We can easily transmit it from one place to another, and it doesn’t take up much.

It should also be noted that a MiFi device allows you to connect several computers at the same time. Let’s say we are going on a trip with friends or family in a car or bus. We have several devices to use on the Internet, and it allows us to connect them all at the same time.

The latter is very useful if, for example, we are going to travel to a foreign country. There, our data rate will indeed not work or have a significant extra cost. Now, if we go, several people, we can buy a local SIM card, configure it in the MiFi device, and through this equipment, offer a connection to the other devices. The advantage is that by acting as a router, we will not have to share the connection from a mobile phone. Also, having a battery will allow us to take it anywhere.

MiFi with 4G

Keep in mind that we can find simpler MiFi devices and others that are more complete and powerful. It is vital to take this into account since, for example, some bring compatibility with 4G networks, with better speed and stability of the connection, while others offer only 3G.

Also, the maximum transfer speed or the maximum number of devices connected at the same time may vary from one option to another. Even the battery, a factor that can be very interesting, can vary markedly from one to the other.

Therefore, when choosing a MiFi device, we must take into account all this that we mentioned. In the end, it will also depend on the needs we have and the number of devices we are going to connect, but we must take into account the different options and their capacity.

In short, MiFi devices are very interesting to have the Internet anywhere. Basically, what we are going to need is a SIM card with the Internet and have a mobile network available. From there, we can connect any other device that has Wi-Fi technology and be able to navigate as if we were connected to the home router. It is very useful to share the Internet with other users and also to navigate on trips.

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