Common Uses For An ID Scanner – ID scanners have become ubiquitous nowadays. Since it’s very easy to use and is the fastest way to verify the identity of an individual, it’s very effective in making the organizations using them to be safer. It’s also great if your establishment needs to follow certain restrictions as you can easily verify people’s status or ages.

Using ID scanners could help in streamlining how your business functions, but not all establishments would benefit from having one. So, here are some of the most common purpose of scanners and why they are important for certain companies.


Common Uses For An ID Scanner

Benefits Of Using An ID Scanner

If you want to streamline the operations of your business, you need to have an ID system for your inventory or equipment. So, here are five benefits of having an ID scanner in your establishment:

Fast Authentication:

Scanners can check an ID at around one to two seconds. This is faster than adding information into a database and then verifying it. It can save your customers’ and employees’ time, which can lead to a vastly improved customer experience.

High Accuracy:

Writing down data manually can inevitably lead to errors. Since most modern ID scanners employ OCR technology to capture personal data, they can capture the right information every time an ID is scanned. So, it can save you from having headaches caused by errors in a customer’s data.

Increased Security:

When your business needs customer management systems, employing an ID scanner can control people’s access into your establishment. It also verifies your guest’s identity or any information linked to their ID. This is very useful when you’re in an industry required to verify the ages of customers, such as nightclubs and liquor stores.

Protects Your Customer Data:

Many businesses have risky ways of dealing with data. Some photocopy their customers’ IDs and store them in an office drawer. This is a huge risk as paper can be lost to a fire or natural disaster. It can also be exploited by malicious individuals without your or your customer’s approval. Having a complete ID system with a digital database and ID scanner ensures all of your customers’ data remains protected in your system. Using other technologies like encryption can protect your data further.

The Most Common Uses For ID Scanners

Now that you know about the benefits of having an ID system in your business, these are some of the most common uses for ID scanners:

  1. Verifying Identity In Hotels

Checking into a hotel would be easier for your customers if ID scanners are used. By using these devices, hotels can detect fake IDs used by some people. It can also prevent minors from booking a room without parental supervision. It can also easily find a guest’s personal information when an accident happens in your hotel. By doing so, hotel owners can also be spared from several lawsuits as it might be a requirement in most states. Online booking will also be more streamlined if an ID checking system is employed in hotels.

  1. Controlling Access In Gyms

Most large gym chains are now using ID scanners to have a more streamlined strategy to allow entry for their clients. Although some have gone for kiosks with a self-login system, having an ID reader is still the fastest way to verify patrons’ identities. It can greatly improve user experience as it’s often hassle-free and fast.

Having an ID system is also important for gyms since the customer information from these things is vital, especially when emergencies happen. Gym owners won’t have to go through their client’s lockers whenever these incidents happen. The customer’s name and other basic information are already saved in the database. With these safety precautions, customers might be convinced to patronize a gym because they feel safer there.

  1. Verifying The Identity Of Concert-Goers

Since many concerts often have attendees going well over a thousand, organizers can have a hard time verifying the status and age of concert-goers. Not only are they required to determine if the person is old enough to join these kinds of activities, but they can also allow customers to find their seats faster.

  1. Law Enforcement

ID scanners are often used to detect fake IDs and verify a person’s identity by various law enforcement agencies.

  1. Border Control

Everyone needs to present a valid form of identification, such as a passport, when crossing international borders. Now, almost all countries employ ID scanners to control who gets into their borders.


With the number of benefits ID scanners present, they can help your business operations to become more streamlined while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time. It also enables you to verify the identity of your customers if the services or products you offer are restricted to minors. Aside from that, it can also make your establishment safer as people using fake IDs won’t gain access, and you can immediately have your customer’s information whenever an emergency arises.