Your Friendly PDF Managing Tool: Use These 3 Handy PDF Bear Tools

PDF Bear Tools – PDF file formats are the most commonly used documents today because of how easy it is to transfer or receive data. Because people are often using PDF files, they might need to convert, merge, or compress those files to use them for whatever purpose. If you’re searching for the right tools, then you are in the perfect place. Here are the handy tools that you can use from PDF Bear.

Split PDF

Split PDF of PDF Bear has two functions, it’s either you want to get rid of some of the pages of your document, or you want to split the data pages and turn it into individual pages. They have this feature because users sometimes think there are unnecessary pages, so they want to extract it from the original and don’t have to do it again. Same thing if users want to make it into different pages. And not just that, using this tool can also help you add pages from multiple files simultaneously. You also have the chance to preview the pages that you want to delete or extract so that you will not check it one by one. Here’s to use the split PDF free online tool:

  1. Please select a file or Drag and drop it to the uploader bar.
  2. Pick the pages you want to remove or split from or to the initial PDF file by clicking each page.
  3. The selected pages you need will be refined and exported into PDF individually.
  4. Click the “Split PDF” to start the process, and wait for a while to be ready for download.


If you want to transform your PDF files to a PPT file that you can edit later on, the PDF to PPT conversion tool of PDF Bear got you covered. After uploading your files, the system of this software will start processing and converting them accordingly. Users will get the expected PPT format quality, which they can edit anytime. PDF Bear’s online conversion tool is straightforward and free to use. The converted PPT file will return to its former format that users can revise or edit afterward. Here’s how you can convert your PDFs to a PPT file:

  1. Select the PDF files that you want to convert.
  2. The chosen file will be uploaded to the system immediately.
  3. Start converting the file to a PPT right away.
  4. Select the “Download” button or start sharing the converted file to your Dropbox or Google Drive.


Turning your files into a visual aid can be helpful in presentations and in meetings. If you want to convert your PDF files into images to aid you in different situations, PDFBear’s PDF to PNG can undoubtedly help you with that. This tool can produce high-quality photos within minutes, and it’s easy to do. To start converting your PDF files, you can follow these simple steps:

First, select the PDF file that you want to convert. You can also drag the file to the server if you find that easier. Next, the converter will analyze your file, and once it’s done, it will convert your file to the PNG format within seconds. Shortly after that, you can download the new file and save it to your library.


PDF Bear can quickly help you manage your PDF files with no effort at all. Aside from being convenient, users can safely use PDF Bear features and handle their files efficiently. Besides the mentioned tool, people can also use PDF Bear to rotate, protect, unlock, add watermarks, number pages, or quickly repair their PDF files.

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