The Best WhatsApp Spy App You Can Trust in 2021

The Best WhatsApp Spy App You Can Trust in 2021 – Technology has evolved tremendously over the last few decades. This has brought with it quite some new complications that people of the earlier years never had to deal with. One of the main harbors of these complications is social media.

Social media has seen relationships especially between couples hit rough patches more often than not. Social media has also made it so easy for strangers to interact and with it comes the confidence to do things one would not have done if the interaction was physical.

Among the many social media users, we have young adults and minors who by dint of having an internet-enabled phone can easily delve into the murky waters of social media.

The question now begs, what would a parent, guardian, spouse or partner do if they needed to keep track of their loved ones’ activities on social media? Well, let us narrow down to one of the most used social media apps, WhatsApp, and answer this question to rest once and for all.

Spyier – The Best WhatsApp Spy App

Spyier is the solution to tracking activities on WhatsApp. Spyier is a phone monitoring app for iPhone and Android. Imagine a situation whereby you can read your partner’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing or without you even touching their phone! Now stop imagining and get Spyier!

What Spyier does is it uploads all the activities of the target WhatsApp account to your online platform where you can access it from your computer or mobile phone.

It is easy to install and use. All you need is an internet connection and a device to get started.

Read more about Spyier.

Spyier is available for both Android and IOS operating systems. For the Android version, Spyier is available in the Basic, Premium, and Family packages. For the iOS version, Spyier comes in the Family, Premium, and Business packages.

How to get Spyier

It is very easy to get started with Spyier. Go to the Spyier website on your browser and click on Get Spyier. Choose from the two categories available; Android and iOS. Proceed to choose your preferred plan. The Android version offers the Basic, Premium, and Family Packages while the iOS version has the Family, Premium, and Business Packages.

Once you have selected your preferred package, select Buy Now. A dialogue window will appear for you to enter your payment options. You can pay via PayPal or card.

This process is safe and secure to use.

Once the purchase is successful, you will receive an email with details to log in to your Spyier account.

Getting started

Once you have your account all set up, it is time to get started and keep track of those loved ones you care about so much! All you now need with your paid plan is to log in. The process for getting started is different for both Android and iOS.

First, enter the nickname of the person you want to keep an eye on. Proceed to select the operating system the person is using. For the Android Operating system, you will need to have access to the target device for a few minutes to set up the Spyier app.

For the iOS operating system, you will only the target device iCloud login details. Access to the iOS device might however be necessary if the iCloud backup is not activated or two-factor authentication is enabled.

Installing Spyier for Android

As mentioned, installing Spyier in the Android operating system will require you to have access to the target device for a few minutes. Once you have the target device, you need to change a few things in the settings for the device to allow the installation of the Spyier app.

Go to Settings on the target device. Select Lock Screen and Security and then on the enable “Unknown Sources” tap OK.

Once that is done, it is now time to disable Google Play Protect. Go to Settings, select Google, and the Security. Under Security, tap on Google Play Protect. Now disable “Improve harmful app detection” & “Scan device for security threats”.

The target device is now ready to install the Spyier app. Use any browser on the phone to visit the download page. Download the app from the Set-up Wizard page and click on “Install” once downloaded so that it runs on the target phone.

Once the app is installed, tap on “Open” and then read and agree to the Spyier terms and conditions. The next screen will ask you to sign in. Use your paid Spyier account details to sign in.

Next, follow the simple instructions on the app and allow the requested permissions to have the app Spyier working perfectly. Once done, you will be required to choose either to hide or not to hide the application. Choose to hide the application. This will remove the application icon from the application list.

You can always access the hidden app by dialing **001**.

Finally! You are done with the installation and do not need physical access to the target device anymore. All you need now is any browser from any internet-enabled device and you are good to go!

Spyier for iOS

If your target device is running on the iOS operating system, all you need is to enter the iCloud details for the target device and allow Spyier to sync with the account and you are all set!

How much does Spyier cost?

Spyier prices vary depending on the chosen plan. The various plans also have discounted prices from time to time. See the various Spyier plans and prices.

In Conclusion

While there are so many spy apps out there, we should beware of apps that come with malware and are not secure to use. Spyier has a safety guarantee, is super-stealthy and reliable.

It is used by over a million people worldwide in over 190 countries. It is safe to say that customer satisfaction is guaranteed at all times!

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