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6 Incredible Ways That the Internet Has Forever Changed Our World
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6 Incredible Ways That the Internet Has Forever Changed Our World

Incredible Ways That the Internet Has Forever Changed Our World – The internet is a modern marvel. In fact, it can be argued that no other technological innovation has connected the world in so many different ways than the internet. The ironic thing is that something as hard to define as the internet could so easily connect us to each other. Whether it’s a grandmother seeing her newborn granddaughter for the first time or a doctor viewing a patient’s discolored patch of skin; through the wonders of telemedicine, the internet has had a profound impact on the world.

What Exactly Is the Internet?

Put in the simplest terms, the internet is a system of cables, primarily, allowing computers and devices to connect around the world. In your home, the cable connections likely allow you to access the internet wirelessly through various devices. When you’re away from home, your cell phone connects to the internet via a cell tower, which also uses cables to operate.

Advances in Telemedicine

The internet has made it possible for doctors and patients to connect in ways only previously imagined. Sometimes for whatever reason doctors and patients are unable to connect face to face. Through telemedicine, which includes video conference calls, doctors are able to actually see what ails a patient. There are even instances where surgeons have advised other surgeons on live operations via teleconferencing.

And if you think that’s wild, telesurgery will really blow your mind. Telesurgery allows doctors to actually perform surgery on patients remotely through the use of robotics. From the remote location, a surgeon is able to maneuver robotic arms that perform the surgery.

Gaming and Entertainment

Before the internet was introduced, gaming was restricted to physical cartridges that you had to purchase in order to use. In like manner, if you wanted to enjoy movies like premam movie in tamil you had to actually purchase a television (or actually go to a movie theater). Those days are gone. Through the internet, you’re just a click away from your favorite video games and unlimited movies and television programming.

The internet has also made virtual games and situations possible that give the viewer a more immersive experience. With virtual reality, instead of viewing a character fighting aliens on another world, you’re the hero on that world fighting the aliens.

There are tons of great movies that you can catch on the internet. You can either pay subscription money to platforms like Netflix and Prime, or you can use the pirate bay and download them free of cost. Almost all students and individuals in developing countries will attest to the fact that torrenting sites like the pirate bay have allowed them to enjoy and experience the best movies, tv shows, games and music online.

Staying Connected to Friends and Family

In the past, we relied on a telephone to connect to our friends and family. But the telephone didn’t give us the experience of actually seeing people in real-time. In addition, costs for telephone calls could be expensive, especially if our friends or family were overseas. But through the use of the internet, we’re able to actually see and speak with loved ones in real-time. Some of the more popular apps for video calls are:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Zoom

Through the internet, you can contact friends and loved ones through either your phone or a desktop (or laptop) computer.

Your Car Now Has A Mind of Its Own, Sort of

Today, most newer vehicles come with the ability to connect to the internet.  In addition to the vehicle’s onboard computer, an onboard WiFi hotspot allows you to gain access to the outside world through your vehicle. Cars connected to the internet can provide live traffic updates, weather reports, satellite music, and more. Another option is to connect your vehicle to the internet using your phone’s hotspot.

However, some advantages to using a car’s hotspot are:

  • Bigger and better antennas built into cars gives you a stronger and more consistent signal
  • Allows you to connect multiple devices without giving up speed
  • Won’t drain your phone’s battery

It should also be noted that you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription for the privilege of using your car’s WiFi.

The Classroom Can Be Your Bedroom

Another great advantage the internet has given us is the ability to be educated and learn from anywhere in the world. In the past, students were required to show up at a class with books in hand, sit in a chair, and listen to an instructor. But because of the wonders of the internet, instruction is as close as your computer screen. Teachers and students can do virtually the same things they would in a classroom setting from their homes.

This type of instruction is especially beneficial to those with social anxieties or those without the finances or transportation to make it to an actual classroom.

The Way We Do Business

Business transactions have been revolutionized by the internet. In addition to the ability to set up online stores, people are also able to conduct their banking online. In the past, it wouldn’t have been possible for someone in South Africa to sell their products to someone in America without a middle man and a lot of red tape. But the internet has made this possible, even allowing the seller to receive payment instantaneously.

Final Thoughts

The ways in which the internet has changed the world are so drastic that it’s hard to even put into words. Everything from the way we connect to friends and family to how we go about obtaining health care has been changed by the internet. And it’s likely that this is just the beginning. Who knows in what other ways our lives will be drastically changed for the better and simplified because of the internet.

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