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Television Write for Us                        

television write for us

Definition: What is “Television”?

Audiovisual part of broadcasting and mass medium for conveying information and entertainment with sound and moving images to a broad audience over long distances.

Detailed definition in the online lexicon

  1. Term: Audiovisual part of broadcasting; Mass medium for conveying information and entertainment (content, IBU content) with sound and moving images to a broad audience over long distances. There are three transmission paths: terrestrial radio transmission, satellite transmission, and broadband cable distribution network. These transmission paths can remain used both in parallel and separately. A much larger bandwidth needs for the information of television programs compared to the transmission of radio programs.
  2. Development: Germany’s regular television program operation started on March 22, 1935, initially for community reception in so-called television rooms. A transmission format with 441 image lines, which has not yet uniform, was used. However, the interlacing process with 50 fields per second was used, which was also used in the later television formats PAL, NTSC, and SECAM. The interlaced process doubles the subjectively perceived image repetition frequency to enable image reproduction that is flicker-free for the eye. For this purpose, an image is scanned line by line, and initially, only every second line (the first field) is transmitted. And also, the remaining lines in the second field give away. Due to its inertia, the human eye reassembles the complete image from the two areas. And also, the advantage is that only 25 full images per second have to be transmitted, saving transmission bandwidth and creating a smooth appearance.

Television History :

Lastly, after the war, individual reception began again on December 21, 1952, with an official test television program from the GDR’s German television station (DFF). However, on December 25, 1952, Northwest German Broadcasting (NWDR) started its official program in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Television features :

Therefore, according to the CCIR (Comité Consultatif International des Radiocommunications) standard, the transmission took place with 625 lines (575 lines visible), 50 fields per second, and the use of the interlaced procedure. And also, the (First) German Television / Das Erste emerged from the television program of the NWDR on November 1, 1954, supported by the regional broadcasting corporations of the ARD.

And also, on April 1, 1963, the agenda of the Second German Television (ZDF) started. However, starting on September 22, 1964, the third television program of the state broadcasting corporations gradually set up. And also, another milestone was reached in Germany on August 25, 1967, with the introduction of color television. therefore, as in many other European countries, the PAL process was introduced, which is now in competition with the NTSC or the French, mainly introduced in North America. SECAM set. Objective comparisons, however, confirm that the PAL process has the best properties.

And also, a dual broadcasting system has existed in Germany since the first private television station found in 1984. However, the introduction of digital television broadcasting in 1994 with the publication of the MPEG-2 standard for digital image and sound compression (Moving Pictures Expert Group, audio compression, video compression). And also, this method became the standard for digital television.

And also, television has become an integral part of everyday life over the years. Therefore, measured in terms of usage time, it is the second most crucial mass medium for the recipients after radio. As an advertising medium, television benefits in particular from the possibility of image communication.

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