Top 5 Writing Tools for Your Persuasive Assignment Help

It’s not easy to put together a persuasive assignment. That’s because persuasive essays are written for presenting one side of various tightly organized arguments using supporting evidence and arguments. To meet that goal flawlessly you must possess certain skills; only having good writing skills will not be enough.

Persuasive assignments, which are often referred to as opinion essays, are mostly used for gauging the academic potential of students. When a particular topic is taught to a student, he needs to learn various aspects of that topic. By making students write persuasive assignments, teachers find out whether the students have gathered in-depth knowledge about the topic. If someone doesn’t understand the basics as well as the complex facts about a particular topic, he or she will never be able to put together a persuasive essay.

For many teachers, university education is mostly about learning for finding information and presenting them in a planned manner supporting different testable claims about our world. Persuasive assignments are therefore believed to be a strong step towards mastering different forms of academic writing.

The other kind of writing students are asked to do is narrative writing. However, in recent times the importance of narrative writing has decreased significantly.

While writing a persuasive assignment is typically quite difficult, the job can be made slightly easier by gaining access to certain tools. The section below would educate you about five writing tools for your persuasive assignment help. Read on to know more.


If you want your persuasive assignment writing to be both informative and interesting, you must possess the vocabulary required for expressing your argument. You can develop that vocabulary by consulting argument glossaries. These glossaries feature terms, pronunciation models, translations, definitions, sample sentences, and more for helping us learn the right way of using various argument terms.

To find out whether you have the right kind of vocabulary, you can take part in an argument vocabulary-based card game with a few of your friends. If getting people to play with is difficult, you can look for a similar game online that can be played alone.

Individuals, who are interested in including counterarguments and rebuttals, can consult rebuttal glossaries and play rebuttal card games.


You will need this tool if your teacher encourages you to plan the assignment and then write it. The job of planning for essays is called “outlining”. You will get a number of writing tools online that will teach you how to write essay outlines quickly. Most of them will require you to buy a membership if you want to save your essay outlines somewhere.


Having this tool is extremely important as assignments should never include parts copied from someone else’s work. You can definitely quote people to support your arguments; however, the quotes should be written in your own language. There are some plagiarism checkers that will allow you to check your content free of cost. However, the results offered by them are usually not 100% accurate. However, to get accurate results, you should opt for a paid plagiarism checker.


Your assignment will have no value if you fail to write a perfect thesis statement. The term thesis statement is used for a summary of the argument presented by you in the essay.

There are certain phrases that make the thesis statement more impactful. If you search online, you will come across glossaries and web pages discussing those phrases and various ways of presenting thesis statements. You can also consult articles explaining how to create the most powerful thesis statements.


The authors of the online essayhoney service highlight to define and explain the thesis statement of your paper intelligently and consistently. Emphasize rationality, but avoid embellishment. The reader should get the gist of it.

Once your assignment is complete, your next job would be presenting it to your teacher or professor for getting it scored. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see the scoring potential of your assignment before sending it across to your professor. This will allow you to make necessary changes to the essay and increase your chances of getting a better score. Search the web for an essay evaluating tool. Furthermore, these tools take just a few seconds to check your assignments and provide feedback right away. You can read reviews of the tool you choose to decide whether it’s actually trustworthy.

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