8 Things You Must Avoid When Faxing From Mac

8 Things You Must Avoid When Faxing From Mac – With so many advanced options in faxing, you won’t need to use your fax machine anymore. All you need is an online fax solution that helps your documents remotely. There are ways to send a fax from Mac without a modem.

In this article, we will share 8 things you must avoid while managing your fax from mac. Additionally, we will also cover how you can avoid security problems on your Mac.

1. Using Illegal or Scam Applications

The biggest mistake that you can do while faxing from mac is using an illegal application. With the increasing demand for such applications, many scams are trying to rip you out of your money. Therefore, you must try to avoid these applications at all costs.

The best way to do it is by starting with a trusted application. You can find dozens of helpful applications that lets you fax from a mac without compromising your data. Some websites provide encrypted faxing services to users.

Here’s one such platform that you can use for faxing:


The CocoFax is one of the leading fax services online. Through this application, you can send or receive fax documents without buying a fax machine. It lets you create a new fax number so that you can take the complete process online. Thus, it can be the perfect solution to avoid using an untrusted application.

The server of this platform is encrypted, and no one else can check the document. Thus, the receiver can make sure the file is not handled by anyone else.

2. Leaving Your Account Open

There’s a reason why people prefer fax over email. However, leaving your online fax account open can make it all worse. It is because leaving a signed-in account allows the person to do whatever he wants with your data.

You can find thousands of cases where these things happened. Therefore, you must log out of your account when you are using that service on a public network or computer. Also, you must check whether the system has saved your login details to avoid any problems.

Tip: Install CocoFinder’s mobile application, and keep your account limited to your smartphone. You can download the application from CocoFinder’s official website.

3. Sharing Your Fax Number On Unsafe Platforms

Keeping your fax number confidential is crucial to maintaining an easy work life. If you share it on unsafe platforms, your account will be flooded with thousands of unwanted documents that might get you in trouble. That is why you should think two times before sharing your fax information with others.

Some common examples are- sharing your fax number on social media platforms and publishing on public platforms. It will not only attract the telemarketers but also scammers who want to get into your inbox.

You can rather create an online account and share the documents with your contacts directly. That way, you won’t need to share your fax number with anyone else.

4. Sending Multiple Faxes

The basics of online faxing include the rule of sending documents over these services. Please know that there are several charges per document that you pay for such services. That is why you must wait for the confirmation before resending the document to the same person.

A lot of populace are not aware that they need to pay charges for these services as well. Instead, they believe that it works like email services which are free and do not charge anything to use.

Thus, consider this before you start flooding someone’s account with multiple fax documents.

5. Not Using a Cover Sheet

The most common fault you can make is not using a cover sheet for your fax document. It is not only about professionalism as there are many other security issues as well. A cover sheet is a paper that contains the sender’s information and the motive behind sending the document.

On the other hand, it is used to cover the main part of the document. Thus, people can understand that the file is confidential and must not be accessed by anyone else. You would be surprised to know that a lot of documents are rejected when you do not use a cover sheet.

Therefore, consider all your requirements before going ahead with the online faxing process.

6. Having Multiple Users on the Same Account

You must have seen multiple users using a company fax machine to send and receive their fax documents. However, you can not use it while faxing from mac. It is because the account is exclusive to you and your details are attached to that server.

Please know that you are the only person responsible for the documents sent through your mac. Thus, keep it to yourself and use it to send documents that are related to you.

7. Sharing Your Mac with Others

This point is related or similar to the previous one. Most of us keep our accounts logged in on our mac. However, you should avoid sharing your mac with others. No matter how close you are, keep your personal information to yourself.

This simple precaution can help you avoid a lot of things. Additionally, you must know that is not about data loss. You can face some legal problems with it as well.

8. Going for Default Fax Solutions

Using the default fax solutions can be expensive for you. Instead, use platforms like CocoFax and WestFax to send those faxes at affordable prices. A lot of people keep using the default service provider and end up paying twice the cost.

You can search for some other solutions as well. However, make sure the server of that platform is encrypted.

Final Words

After going through the above points, you must be aware of the things you should avoid while faxing from mac. Additionally, we have shared a few platforms like CocoFax and WestFax that might help you improve your faxing experience.

Feel free to use any other service that you find helpful. However, as we mentioned earlier, make sure it is safe to use.

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