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Franck Muller Watches: Complicated Beauty of Swiss Craftsmanship
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Franck Muller Watches: Complicated Beauty of Swiss Craftsmanship

The process of watchmaking requires precise engineering. It is a form of art. You will appreciate a Franck Muller Watch as one of the complicated watches in the world. They make and assemble all the watch components in their manufacturing plant and workshop. The parts used in each of their watch movements range from 200 to 1,483. Each Franck Muller Watch is hand made. They are taking up to 20 hours for the decorator to create one component. Every watch requires full attention and patience. Although the watch’s interior is not visible, they gave it utmost importance outside the watch. Their headquarters is in the village of Genthod in Geneva. Their buildings are also unique; it is a restored castle, constructed in 1905.
Because of the demand for their watches, they built two additional buildings with the same elegant styles. The Franck Muller headquarters name is Watchland. By appointment, you can visit this manufacturing site to appreciate the complicated process of their watchmaking.

How Everything Started

Franck Muller created the brand after his name. He is of Italian and Swiss descent, born in Switzerland in July 1958. His interest in mechanical devices started in his early years. Because of his passion, he took a four-year course at the Geneva School of Watchmaking. After he graduated, he worked to restore luxury watches with clients from around the world. He created his watch under his name. In 1983, he released his first watch when he realized the market potential of unique timepieces.

Franck assembled all the watch components by himself. Since then, he unveils new watches with complicated assembly every year. The success of the brand results from the partnership between its two founders. Franck Muller Group Co-founder Vartan Sirmakes moved from Constantinople to Geneva, Switzerland, in 1974. He is from a family of Armenian Jewelers. After doing an apprenticeship with a jeweler maker, he set-up his workshop. With his passion for beautiful things and architecture, he entered the watch business. When he created high-end watches, that’s when he met Franck Muller.

Unique Watch Collections

The Franck Muller Geneve Watches have many collections for each gender and watch movements.

They designed and manufactured the timepieces to cater to every target market. The Franck Muller team continues to innovate their designs and components.

Ladies’ Watches

Women can choose among the eight different collections of ladies’ watches. Cintree Curvex has unique designs and an iconic shape with beautiful curves.

The theme of the Galet collection is simplicity and calmness. The Heart collection has heart emblems that express femininity. It is both elegant and beautiful.

A collection that shows harmony and innovation is the Infinity. The Long Island collection has a rectangular-shaped case and numbers inspired by the Art déco movement of the Novecento style. However, a perfect square case and symmetrical lines are the distinct features of the Master Square collection. Franck Muller also has a Round collection for women. It highlights the beauty of the traditional watch shape. For the strong and sporty women, they have the Vanguard Lady collection. It has sharp colors and a sun-stamped dial.

Men’s Watches

The gentlemen can choose among the five Franck Muller watch collections. Among the five, the Men’s Cintree Curvex is the most popular. It has the famous Cintree Curvex shaped case, distinct and gorgeous numerals. This line has vibrant, sophisticated, and timeless designs. Next is the Long Island collection, characterized by rectangular case and arched numerals. Its case shape makes it fit perfectly a man’s wrist. A Franck Muller watch with a strong masculine character is the Square collection. It gives out a sense of harmony and perfect balance. The Round collection is for those who love classic and elegant design.

This collection has a wide variety of movements. Also, the mechanical movement can either be manual or automatic, and the complicated ones are the perpetual calendar and tourbillons. The Vanguard collection has a sporty and adventurous character. Although futuristic, the designs are still elegant. There are watch models designed for yachting and golf wear.

Grand Complications

Franck Muller watches have the most complications around the world. The most complicated collection is the Aeternitas, assembled with 36 complications and 1,483 components. Revolution 3 watch collection is the first in the world with a tri-axial tourbillon. Also, this tourbillon’s beauty is visible from the outside. Also, the Fast Tourbillon collection has a speed of 5 seconds each rotation.

The Giga Tourbillon has the largest tourbillon around the world, with nine days of power reserve. A watch collection that elegantly shows the date, month, years, and moon phase is the Perpetual Calendar. Its date is until the year 2100. The Tourbillon Minute Repeater Skeleton collection has a minute repeater and a tourbillon. Its interior is fully exposed for the watch lovers to appreciate. The Gravity collection’s distinct feature is the elliptical-shaped tourbillon cage that you can see outside.

Complicated Watch Craftsmanship

The Franck Muller watch movements have significant complications. For instance, is the process of creating the Perpetual Calendar watch. From research and development, base plate production, handcrafted decorations, beveling, engraving, base movement assembly, tourbillon, calendar module assembly, and casing up, everything is precise and entirely made in-house.

Twenty layers of lacquer make up each Franck Muller watch dial. Also, to dry each layer, the craftsmen wait for about an hour. It is truly a work of art. All their watch cases are manually polished. The most challenging watch case to make are those with diamonds. It takes an enormous amount of time and mastery to set the diamond on the case’s curves by hand.


Franck Muller watches are the “Master of Complications” in the entire world. They are unique works of art. The most remarkable feature of their timepiece is the curve cases of the Citree Collection. Also, wearing a Franck Muller watch shows your value for quality craftsmanship. However, they have gone beyond the expected standard of a Swiss-made watch for the last 20 years. With its handcrafted decorations, every watch is distinct. It will make you feel special.

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