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CBD Oil For Pets – Your Questions Answered
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CBD Oil For Pets – Your Questions Answered

CBD Oil For Pets – CBD (cannabidiol) has been used over the years as a calming substance. It has various medicinal benefits for humans and animals alike. However, there are some important things about this oil you should know before giving it to your pet. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

What is CBD Oil?

This oil is an extract of the cannabis plant. Before this plant is processed, it contains THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This compound is responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. In other words, it makes people “high”.

When making CBD oil, THC is almost completely removed. While it still produces a calming feeling, you can’t get “high” from taking this supplement.

What Are The Benefits Of This Supplement?

CBD oil has several benefits such as…

Relief from Muscle and Joint Pain

This oil has been known to assist boost the recovery of muscles. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which provide relief for patients with ailments like arthritis. In the case of older pets, this can help ease joint pains and improve agility.

May Improve Sleep Quality

Thanks to the calming effect of this oil, CBD can be used to help patients with sleep disorders like insomnia and narcolepsy.


Researchers claim that this oil helps ease neurodegenerative disorders. It also reduces any inflammation that could cause the disorder to worsen.

Improves Heart Health

CBD benefits the circulatory system and the heart by reducing blood pressure. This reduces the risk of developing ailments related to high blood pressure such as metabolic syndrome, stroke, and heart attack.

Different Types of CBD Oil?

You need to understand that there are two main types of cannabidiol; full-spectrum and cannabidiol isolate. Here are the differences between them:

CBD Isolate

This is the purest form of cannabidiol you can get. Isolate is 98% pure cannabidiol. However, this means that other beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant have been removed.

Full-spectrum CBD

Unlike isolate, full-spectrum has all the compounds in the cannabis plant. This includes terpenes and of course, THC. However, not more than 0.3% of THC is found in full-spectrum CBD. This form of cannabidiol is the more potent of the two. It also undergoes less processing. Click here for more information on this.

Full-spectrum CBD

What Are The Downsides Of CBD Oil?

Despite the benefits, cannabidiol comes with its own set of disadvantages. The side-effects will vary depending on the condition. Some animals may not have any side-effects at all.

This oil could affect mood and appetite. It could also cause dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness, diarrhoea, and dry mouth. As said above, the effects will vary depending on the condition.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that this supplement reacts negatively with some other drugs. It is advised that you consult or ask your vet if your pet is on any other medications.

Is My Pet’s CBD Oil Good For Humans?

The short answer is, yes. This oil has the same effect on animals as humans. In the case of your pet, this oil can be used to help ease anxiety, treat skin diseases, and improve muscle condition. You also need  to keep in brain that pets may also experience side-effects when taking this supplement.

How Much and How Often Should You Give Your Pet Cannabidiol?

The amount you should administer to your pet will vary. For instance, if you have a dog of 10 kg or less he/she should take about 2- 4 drops per day. For medium-sized dogs, (11-26 kg) 7 – 10 drops should be administered daily. Dogs over 26 kg should take up to 13 drops. If your dog is on other medications, consult your veterinarian in order to avoid any negative side-effects.

Is This Recommended By Vets?

It’s good practice to consult your veterinarian when giving your pet any drugs or supplements. Many vets have different feelings about CBD. Some might be against it while some may recommend it.

You should talk to a vet that understands the advantages and disadvantages of cannabidiol. Veterinarians also give you the best directions on how to choose and administer CBD oil.

How To Pick The Best Cannabidiol Oil For Your Pet

You need or have to be very diligent when picking CBD for your pet. You also have to take into account things like the price, quality, and customer reviews. First of all, look at the products with the most suitable prices. Afterwards, conduct a detailed investigation on each product and go through the reviews left by other customers. Also ensure that the product you choose offers third-party lab results for you to analyze.

What Form Does CBD Come In?

This supplement comes in various forms. Sometimes it is found in things like coffee, chocolate, creams, cosmetics and, of course, oils. You can visit for more CBD products.

How Much Does It Cost?

The worth of this supplement varies depending on the brand and the process required to make it. However, a 1000mg bottle could cost you anything between $4 and $30. In some cases, it might be much more than this. Depending on the type, you could spend up to $200 on cannabidiol.

Is Cannabidiol Legal?

As you already know, cannabis (also known as marijuana) is used as a recreational substance that gets people high. Depending on your region, you may not be able to legally purchase it. However, most states in the US have now legalized this product. Just be sure to check if it’s legal in your country before attempting to buy it.


In conclusion, cannabidiol is a great supplement for easing anxiety and providing relief from ailments. This provides great benefits for pets. Before choosing any CBD oil, consult your veterinarian to get a better idea of whether you beloved pet needs it and how to administer it if they do.

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