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Cannabis Vaping For Anxiety, Stress Relief, And More

Cannabis Vaping For Anxiety, Stress Relief, And More

Cannabis Vaping For Anxiety, Stress Relief, And More – Our environment is littered with stressors, whether we are aware of them or not, or are completely and on-purposely oblivious to them. But there are times when said stressors get a hold of us and throw anxiety and stress into our day-to-day. With an easy to prepare vaporizer, here’s how and why cannabis aids in keeping these conditions at bay.

Why Hemp For Anxiety And Stress Relief

The Role Of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is a kind of phytocannabinoid that can be extracted from cannabis sativa plants. This naturally occurring organic component is known for its many therapeutic benefits.

Out of the two main strains of cannabis sativa (marijuana and hemp), hemp has a higher concentration of CBD than the other. It streams into the central nervous system’s receptors for serotonin. The latter, a neurotransmitter responsible for stabilizing mood and feelings of “happiness” (among many other of its roles for inter-bodily system communication and support).

In effect, cannabidiol regulates your emotions and/or mood. It effectively does so especially when the autonomic nervous system produces stress hormones (cortisol) and causes anxiety and stress.

Benefits Of Hemp Vaping

1. Calm And Relaxation

According to medical research, patients who have severe anxiety gain an increased sense of personal respite and calm after vaping cannabis in safe amounts, and when following a safe frequency.

Comparable results were found with those with chronic stress.

CBD doesn’t bind as well to receptors as THC does. It is for this reason that this duo works best together. Cannabidiol holds faster and sturdier to serotonin receptors with the help of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC is what releases a sense of a “high” when vaped).

2. Quality Sleep

Melatonin, the hormone that functions as a “signaller” in what’s called the sleep-wake circadian cycle. Increased production of it means that it’s time for some shut-eye. Cortisol and melatonin are opposites. High levels of cortisol equate to low levels of melatonin.

Hence, chronic lack of sleep when your anxiety and stress levels are off the charts. When there’s an imbalance in your CNS (and/or various systems and/or organ functions in your body), your cortisol levels will race to the roof. A proper response to get you in “fight or flight” mode”.

But being that chronic anxiety and stress transpire in long and repeated bouts, high amounts of cortisol will suppress melatonin even when you’re about to go to sleep.

Don’t fret just yet. Since cannabis reduces the amount of cortisol in your bloodstream, melatonin can function the way it should, and encourage you to sleep during the time of the day when your mind and body need to recharge.

3. Migraine, Muscle Pain, And Joint Inflammation

Nociceptors or “pain receptors” have select sensitivity degrees for chemical, mechanical (muscles and muscle fibre), and thermal stimuli.

What CBD can do is travel towards these nociceptors whenever they are signalling the thalamus and the somatosensory cortex regarding discomfort and pain. It, then, enhances the production and stability of serotonin to bring you overall-comfort. Alongside this is pain-relief, as the same process eases and soothes affected areas.

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