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The Best Android Games Of 2020

The Best Android Games Of 2020

The world of mobile video games(android games) continues to grow year by year. Manufacturers like Black Shark have presented new gaming mobiles. And the Google Play catalog continues to grow with increasingly complete deliveries, both graphically. In terms of possibilities in general: we have games of all types for all audiences.

1. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’ tries to transfer what was seen in the anime betting everything on the graphic section. It is one of the most careful proposals of the year, a quality visual section for an RPG at the level of expectations.

The game(android games) will allow us to carry out turn-based combats, in which we will be choosing different skill cards with which to attack, defend, and cast different spells. Many missions, good operation, and completely free (although with micropayments).

2. Dragon Quest of the Stars

One of the releases that were eagerly awaited this 2020 was ‘Dragon Quest of the Stars,’ another RPG that had a few devastating in Japan, and that finally reaches mobile. One of its main attractions is that, as in any installment of Dragon Quest, the characters are design by the famous Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama (your name may sound like Dragon Ball)

The game is base on an automatic fighting strategy in which each turn we will have to combine the different abilities of the characters. A proposal that can enjoy for free, although it has micropayments

3. Shadowgun War Games

If you like FPS, ‘Shadowgun War Games’ is a new installment for mobile. It comes into the hands of Madfinder Games, the developer of Dead Trigger, a game that has been sweeping the mobile platforms for years.

With War Games, we have an experience that can be summed up in a “Miniature Overwatch,” with teams of four players facing each other. Again, we are facing a completely free proposal, although we can pay to buy skins and others that, although not necessary, can help us customize the characters.

4. Stickman Warriors – Super Dragon Shadow Fight

If you are a regular investigator of the games that inhabit the Play Store, you will have come across the Stickman sagas more than once, games with various themes in which some funny animated figures are the protagonists.

In this case, we come with ‘Stickman Warriors – Super Dragon Shadow Fight,’ a Stickman game based on Dragon Ball. Although it is not explicitly said (in fact, we find characters like Goku who are named here like Gomu, all very discreet).
Intense fights, many powers, and busting the buttons shown to us are the keys to this game, completely free. And with some purchases within it to unlock the content.

5. Idle Digging Tycoon

Idle Diggin Tycoon is quite a curious game. We are doing a series of keystrokes on the screen to build different buildings. The more you play, the more gold you will earn, and with that gold, you can continue building. An entertaining alternative to killing time.

6. Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

A Battle Royale of cats, it goes without saying . In Bombergrounds: Battle Royale, we take on 24 other players, dropping bombs, opening treasure boxes, collecting different abilities, and dodging traps. We can kick the bombs that the rivals throw at us to return them.

The game assigns us different rankings according to the games we are winning, so the matches are usually quite balance. The game is free of cost, but it has integrated purchases with different improvements.

7. Trick me

Leaving a bit of the trend of the previous ones, we have to Trick Me: a game(android games) to test “the coconut.” It is a series of tests, puzzles, and different challenges to test our mental agility. Sudokus, word games, challenges, and others. We can play for free, although there are small in-game purchases.

8. Slap kings

Slap Kings is a proposal to play to beat us. Inspired by the famous face-hitting contests that you may have ever seen on the internet. Slap Kings invites us to guess the exact moment to hit our rivals with the highest possible intensity. The game is free although it has a lot of publicity.

9. Scrabble GO

Scrabble GO brings to our mobile some of the traditional board games with more history. The game offers us a version of the classic crossword game with the official board, letter tiles, and Scrabble dictionaries. With it, we can start with easy one-on-one games, and then test our vocabulary in one of the different competition modes it includes. It has a total of five game modes, so it will be difficult to get bore.

10. Don Zombie

In Don Zombie, it is a game(android games) in which we will advance in a linear way eliminating hordes and hordes of zombies with heavy weapons. The game has more than 100 levels, and we have more than 25 weapons, vehicles, and traps to destroy them. The more levels we advance, the more zombies and the more difficult. The game is free, but it has micro-payments to unlock some of its content (weapons, vehicles, etc.). Also you can find more helpful resources at theuniversalbeauty.

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